The Show House

In the sprawl of suburban Florida, one family attempts to reunite as another spins out of control: The sinister link connecting them both is hiding in the show house.

Quirky Orlando retirees Thaddeus and Cheryl, and new parents Steven and Peter, come together for a family weekend, where Cheryl anxiously hopes to repair the dysfunctional and toxic relationship between her husband and their son, Steven. Their adoptive granddaughter Gertie, everyone hopes, might just do the trick.

Meanwhile, when news of a serial killer that targets gay men at nightclubs rocks the community, over-worked pharmacist Laila growns concerned for her handsome and arrogant younger half-brother, Alex. Sunshine leads to darkness as the calculating murderer's own life, hidden away in a show house, is spiraling out of control after falling for a would-be victim.

When Orlando's manicured lawns turn deadly, the two families find themselves on a collision course in this page-turning psychological thriller.

Praise for The Show House

Named a Best Book of 2016 by Chicago Review of Books

"THE SHOW HOUSE is a knife's edge of a book. Lopez balances humor, terror, the political, and the personal in a fascinating read where the ground is always shifting."
Erika Swyler , author of The Book of Speculation

"A witch’s brew of family dysfunction, perversity, and murder."
Publishers Weekly

"THE SHOW HOUSE is at once a nuanced psychological thriller and a thoughtful exploration of familial love and dysfunction set in sun-stroked, hurricane-threatened Orlando. Danger lurks around every corner. This is a compelling debut by a talented new writer. "
Edan Lepucki, author of California


Part the Hawser, Limn the Sea

Five fascinating tales linked by the sea. An aging architect must decide to give up his grief, even if it means losing the vestiges of a lover's memory. An object of erotic fixation galvanizes men against the isolation of exile on a cruise liner. As he watches the disintegration of his picket-fence fantasy, an ex-soldier looks to the sea for absolution. By turns urban and remote, the emotional landscapes navigated in this stunning debut collection offer a bold new meditation on love, loss, and isolation in our precarious present, and make visceral for us the duality of risk and salvation that attend our most passionate attachments.

Praise for Part the Hawser, Limn the Sea

Lambda Literary Finalist Best LGBT Debut

"[An] impressive collection." —Lambda Literary

"A powerhouse of literary dexterity." —Bay Area Reporter